WHSA to release “Wagholi Citizen’s Manifesto”

WHSA to release “Wagholi Citizen’s Manifesto” for Wagholi Grampanchayat election 2017

Date & time : 5th December 2017, 8 pm.

Venue: Green Groves Society, Baif road, Wagholi.

We Are
Wagholi Housing Societies Association (WHSA), formed in the wake of popular sentiment coming from residents
of housing societies with solitary motto of Making Wagholi a better place to live, better coordination between
authorities and residents and encourage office accountability.

We Believe
that Wagholi would be best served when citizens and elected representatives work fruitfully together as
Governance and Development go hand in hand. All elected GP members should set an example and faithfully
implement citizen’s charter.

We Conducted
a survey in various housing societies of Wagholi to assess the current situation, immediate needs and expectations
from to-be-elected representatives in the GP for next 5 years in making an orderly and citizen friendly GP.
Based upon survey findings, our Demands from all Panels contesting Wagholi GP election 2017 is to include these
in their manifesto and fulfill post elected by the people:
1. No Discrimination between Local & society residents. We all are Wagholikars
2. Create Ward Sabha in all 6 wards for citizen participation in all development programs
3. The elected representatives should be Accessible & Responsible of their duties
4. To ensure transparency, citizens should be consulted during formulation of the budget for
development of the area
5. Develop Wagholi with Social Ethics considering Wagholikars as center point
6. Well-developed Infrastructure:
a. Better concrete main and approach roads including footpaths
b. Water line and potable water supply-completion of water pipeline project-pending from
last 5 years, Provide Solution from Exploitation of Water Tanker Suppliers
c. Proper drainage & solid waste management system
d. Garbage collection and safe disposal-Require Commitment for Existing Garbage Depot
e. Sufficient street lights & speed breakers
f. Regular cleanliness of roads
g. Working traffic signals, traffic police controlling & regular police patrolling
h. Enforce No-Hawking zone on Nagar Road to allow easy movement of traffic
i. Single point toll-free helpline number for all requests and grievances.
7. Well-developed Property Tax registration structure

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